2005-2009 Mustang S650 Style Taillight

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Does your 05-09 S197 have old worn out taillights or even worse, the factory incandescent lights? It’s time to update your ride to this decade!

The S650 Mustang took the world by storm with its aggressive styling, and now we’re bringing that to the S197 community.  


RGB & non-RGB functionality- No matter what option you choose, the taillights will function as usual. Red brake light, white reverse output, amber turn signal, all with a clear lens and white diffuser panel giving them that Euro style. The non-RGB taillights will have a red start up animation and function as an OEM light would. The RGB taillights will have an RGB start up animation with a show mode for the local meets or to impress your friends. 

Plug-n-play- No harnesses or additional wiring required. Installation instructions are included and the install couldn’t be easier, literally 10 minutes with a single ratchet! 

Multi-Mode Turn Signals- 
It just wouldn’t be right to have a Euro style taillight without amber turn signals, OR the classic sequential function that is synonymous with Mustangs. But options are nice! You can select between a solid flashing amber, solid flashing red, sequential red, red cursor, or amber cursor  

Warranty- 2 year manufacturer warranty against any defects in workmanship or quality. 

Certified- DOT & SAE certified housings that are fully sealed. 

**Pre-Order Info:**

Expected to launch late February 2024. Our inventory is in transit and on the way! We will provide updates along the way via email newsletters so please make sure you’re subscribed upon checkout. Thank you for the support and patience!